Why Pre-Order Furniture?

If you are in a position to plan ahead, pre-ordering furniture could mean huge savings for you.

Furniture is a commodity for which warehousing costs can be quite significant, hence by pre-ordering furniture we can deliver the products almost immediately after we receive them from the factory. This allows us to plan ahead and save on warehousing and handling costs which we pass on to you directly.

Although all pre-order furniture products require a full payment upon placing the order, our Pre-Order Terms allow for cancellations and changes within stipulated time frames.

As we are primarilly a furniture wholesale business supplying directly to the interior trades, the size of the savings also means Minimum Order Quantities may apply to some of the pre-order products. We however encourage consumers to take advantage of the pre-order pricing.

Trade discounts in addition to pre-order savings are available to approved trade buyers. Register or Login.

Estimated delivery times for pre-order furniture could vary from a few weeks to even months and estimated delivery dates are listed for each pre-order product in their description.