Mango Wood – The Best Choice for Sustainable Furniture

Lumbering resources have been exploited for as long as we have been on the planet. Now, these resources are at a stage where their unsustainable use is hurting the earth. In the midst, the answer might lie in the mango tree wood.

Mangifera Indica (Scientifically named for its origin in India), is found in tropical countries of the world. The mango tree is planted in high numbers for its fruits. However, these trees get to maturity in 15-20 years, and the fruit-bearing tree capacity reduces drastically. This is the stage when the mango tree can be utilised as  timber. It is even more so in the years after it is done seeding.

Why should you even consider using mango trees for making furniture?

Shorter growth time: Unlike the traditional trees that have to wait for over two decades before they can get to a phase where it can be sustainably harvested, the mango tree can get to this same phase in seven to fifteen years. The mango tree can be easily harvested in less than one decade, and the quality is still close to the timber from trees that have to stay over two decades.

Two-way productivity: While most lumber trees are only suitable for the wood they provide at the end of the day, the mango tree is in a class of its own. In its prime, the mango tree is capable of producing juicy fruit that is a delight to eat. At the end of its fruiting cycle, the mango tree focuses its nutrient on developing the hardwood that eventually becomes the timber we all love to use. This dual approach to productivity is one of the factors that make the mango tree sustainable.

Availability: While several timber species have been classified as endangered by several international agencies, the mango tree continues to grow across the landscape. It is not even close to being a threatened species, and it is still widely planted by farmers for its fruit.

Wood quality: Mango is not the only tree that is good for timber but also bears edible fruit. Its wood quality is the fact that sets it apart from the rest of the pack. The mango hardwood consists of very dense grain that is durable, strong and not too hard on tools during woodworking. It can easily be cut and re-shaped into any form a woodworker desire, which is not the case with other hardwoods.

Mango wood is sustainable and here at Ynde all our manufactured furniture is made from mango wood; so get on the moving train.