Featured Image Credit: Wood Melbourne

Interiors trends have always evolved slowly but surely. Here is what we think has trickled down from the year that has past and is only going gain popularity in 2019.

The Use of Plants

A quite literally evergreen trend that has made its way to the forefront is the use of plants. From fig trees and palm trees to one of the newer players growing in popularity indoors is the fern.  Plants can bring harmony and a sense of calm to your space. While smaller plants such as succulents are versatile and can change the look of small spaces, larger plants can be used to soften the look of large spaces and also bring in some understand opulence.

Concrete Bathrooms

The use of concrete in bathrooms is a trend that has now become increasingly popular and for good reason. It is edgy, contemporary and robust. The more common applications of concrete in a bathroom are concrete flooring, concrete sink and concrete decor which include concrete pots or even concrete tiles featuring on a wall.


If there’s one texture that will add an air of opulence and elegance to a room it has to be VelvetIn recent times, more an more interior designers are incorporating velvet in their design and style and plans. A design that was seen as old fashioned is now being seen as something luxurious, funky and comfortable. Although velvet is traditionally made from silk or cotton, there are more affordable synthetic versions also becoming increasingly available.

The Use of Brass Taps

With number of variants in finishes such as brushed brass, mat brass or rustic brass you can dress-up your bathroom or kitchen or give it a rustic feel. Brass taps are great complement to concrete finishes and are being increasingly used together.

Solid brass taps do more than just looking good. Solid brass contains properties that resist severe corrosion even in poor water conditions. Highly durable brass fittings contain the combination of zinc and copper that make them extremely durable and highly malleable in severe temperatures.