Interior Style: Rattan Furniture

Rattan Armchair with olive coloured upholstery in this image with a fern in the background.

“Interior Style: Rattan Furniture”

Rattan has been around since forever and while people tend to use it in their gazebos or outdoors, it can be the perfect piece of the puzzle in your indoor setting. These bring a classy welcoming feel that adds a warm feeling to your home.

Rattan vines are strong and add an organic look and feel, if used properly they can bring a modern look to contemporary indoors. Apart from the aesthetic beauty of its furniture, the rattan plant also brings other advantages and uses. Some of these include:


Rattan vines have been used to carry out all sorts of heavy activities in the past. Over the years the demand increased and synthetic rattan was made to satisfy the demand. Whether it’s synthetic or natural rattan, you can expect strength, durability, and an excellent ability to support load.

Rattan is native to tropical regions and the vines there can reach as long as 500 feet! While this might not sound much but it can help weave the perfect rattan furniture for your home. Rattan furniture also boasts superior resistance to weather elements and even insects. 


Rattan vines for furniture are carefully selected from under the thorny outer layer. For aesthetic purposes, it may be bleached or painted but even without these additives, rattan furniture is attractive to look at and the completely natural material ensures your skin isn’t sensitive to it.

Rattan Reed 

Rattan’s palm is extremely valuable and all its products have various applications. The inner porous core of the plant is both flexible and can be painted or stained. This allows for use in baskets, handicrafts, and excellent decoration pieces that complement the rattan furniture indoors.


Rattan furniture is totally sustainable and is proven to last longer than any other type. Although the material was originally used in basket weaving only, the subsequent application in furniture allowed for lightweight furniture that can be easily carried around and is a treat to look at.

Thanks to its all-natural nature, the furniture has no carbon footprint and can be decomposed easily.

Minimal Care

Rattan does not wear very quickly; rather it ages better than most people think. Wiping the dust and dirt off is enough to make sure your indoor furniture stays in its best shape. You can even use a damp cloth on the furniture without worrying about damaging it. Keeping it out of direct snow and sunlight is enough to ensure a long life.

Endless Styling Options

Rattan furniture has come a long way and as sustainability is becoming increasingly important its demand has really picked up the pace. Carpenters and corporations have experimented with rattan and have made it into different styles. The modern rattan furniture has been reimagined and is no longer the boring patio furniture that no one wants to look at. Rattan over the last decade has been increasingly used in interior styling with rattan chairs and barstools, rattan side tables, rattan coffee tables, rattan bedheads, rattan cabinets and sideboards and anymore popular applications to interior furniture.


Rattan vines are now being used in fancy indoor sofas and seats to add a touch of class to the contemporary furniture styles. This is particularly helpful in places that have to withstand extreme weather switches. Where wood can catch mold or get damaged in humidity, rattan holds up well against all kinds of problems making it an excellent material choice for furniture.