A selection of bedroom furniture that includes headboards or bed heads, bedside tables, dressers, armchairs and more.

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Your bedroom is your haven

It is the bedroom where you wind down and rejuvenate and this makes it probably the most important room in your home. You can bring to your room your definition of relaxing environment and your style. Whether it is your bed head or bed frame, your bedside tables, a chandelier or an elegant chair in a corner of the room, all bedroom furniture comes together to create something unique making it your very own haven.

Where do you begin?

We believe that ‘bed’ being the operative syllable in 'bedroom' it is needles to emphasise that your bed has to be the most important piece of furniture in your bedroom. Decide on the size of your bed wisely. Consider the space you need to be comfortable and also the space around the bed to be able walk around it. Other decisions you would need to make includes whether you install a bedframe or combine a bed ensemble with a bedside tables that compliment it, chest of drawers, an bedhead. The latter has definite advantages as you can change the look over a period of time by simply changing your bedhead as opposed to a bedframe, which will also take up relatively more space in a room.

Styling your bedroom

Once you have your bed in place, you can add bedside tables that compliment it, chest of drawers, an end-of-bed such as a bench with or without storage and an armchair perhaps to add some grandeur to the bedroom. The rest should fall in place in terms of inspiration, be it a chandelier or a pendant light, table lamps or rugs that will then complete your bedroom. Needless to say, like most rooms even your bedroom will and should always be work in progress.