Furniture Buying & Procurement - Commercial Projects

Ynde provides a complete furniture buying and procurement solution for commercial projects and residential projects alike. Our existing relationships and processes enable us to procure custom made furniture, unique one-off furniture pieces and interior decor products; and deliver to your door step.

From locally manufactured furniture to imports we have processes in place enabling efficient deliver to our clients custom made furniture and unique finds from around the world. As importers of furniture and decor products we have the expertise and experience to  overcome the logistical challenges of international freight, customs clearances and domestic freight to ensure our client orders are fulfilled and delivered within agreed timeframes.

Whether you’re designing a commercial space from scratch or just looking to upgrade your current furniture, we are certain we can help. We offer a wide selection of unique and high-quality furniture options at different price points to ensure that you can find the perfect pieces for your project. Contact us today to learn more about our furniture selection and how we can help you bring your commercial project to life!

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