An Interior Trend or a New Way of Life

We are back talking furniture and interior trends and here is one trend that we believe will gain momentum and may even become a way of life for many in the long run.

We are referring to Biophilic Design. Biophilic design is all about being connected in one or more ways with the natural world. There is plenty out there to suggest the positive impact and improvement in wellbeing experienced when your space is connected to nature. On a macro level it is about keeping the concept in mind when designing a community or a building, and at a micro level it is your home.

Your home is where you have the opportunity to build a relationship with the natural world in your own way. From adding an indoor pot plant or paving the way for natural light where possible, to some more serious modifications or additions such as natural timber beams or even furniture showing the natural grain of the wood are some achievable examples of biophilic design. If you are lucky enough to be surrounded by nature just throw the doors and windows open at every opportunity as we have plenty of it here in Australia; and here are some ways you can either compliment biophilic design just or create the biophilc illusion.


Indoor plants have sky rocketed in popularity in the last few years, and more so since the beginning of the novel pandemic (no prizes for guessing why).

We are hardwired to respond positively to nature and greenery, plants being the obvious answer; however the pots or containers you use are equally important.

Go for natural looking materials as well as colours; think terra cotta, cement planters, wooden planters and neutral-toned ceramic planters to complete an earthy green look.

Distressed finishes

From walls to furniture distressed finishes compliment a biophilc space quite well with their natural, subtle tones and their used or lived-in characteristic. A limewash finish is a popular distress look and needless to say it is easier to buy furniture with limewash finish than doing it on yourself on your walls. Distressed furniture such as wardbobes, dining tables a chest of drawers can easily transform a room to give it a French provincial, country home or biophilic feel.


Over the last few years there has been an obvious paradigm shift in attitudes towards more conscious shopping and this most certainly includes buying furniture that has been upcycled or furniture that has been produced using reclaimed wood. Upcycling of a well-made piece of furniture has become a considered choice for many.

Whether it’s a vintage cupboard, a vintage coffee table the stains on which perhaps tell a story of a bygone era or a reclaimed wood coffee table or even an ornamental rocking horse, there are a number unique finds that can compliment your biophilic space.

While we are sure there are a number of ways we can bring nature into our homes and a whole lot more ways we can compliment it, the questions we ask ourselves is that, is this a new, better way of life when it comes to home living? Or you might even ponder whether interior design is going vegan?!

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